Whether you work from home, part time or full time, everyone has some free time. How do you spend it? Many spend it in front of the television and don't carry a conversation with their family. Others might spend entirely too much time on the telephone. The first step to spending your time wisely is to be in control of time and manage it wisely.

Cut out unnecessary activities. Does it really help your self esteem to go out and shop for things you can't afford? I used to love to window shop until I got wise to the fact that it only depressed me that I couldn't afford to actually shop and learned the willpower not to charge. Use that time to make money instead and you will be much happier. Use some time to figure out the family budget, save some money, find a new way to make money in your spare time, or use that time to spend with your family. Take a day off from errands and chores to savor your time with your family (or yourself)- we all need a breather every now and then.

Weigh what pays and what doesn't. If you write an article or book on one website and it doesn't pay, consider writing on other topics that might. Use your extra time to make new ehow friends, write a new article, or brainstorm on new ideas. But going to websites that don't pay or sending mass emails asking people to read and rate is not a good use of time. After all, you can't get that time back and it is wasted- all you have managed to do is get on an ehow Friends' ignore list because you mass emailed them. Post your articles on the forums made specifically for those wishing to promote their articles and go and read and rate some ehow friends. At the end of the day, look at all that you accomplished and you can rest easy that you spent your time wisely.