Wish you had 25 hours a day? Life in today's modern world is busy, to say the least. People often wish that there were more hours in the day. The good news is that you can generate at least an extra hour by eliminating time-wasting activities and habits. Here's how to lengthen the day's precious hours.



Eliminate time traps like television, aimless Web searching and video games. This doesn't mean you should avoid entertainment altogether. Rather, set aside a specific time in the day for your favorite activity so you don't waste precious minutes on TV shows or websites that don't really interest you.

Make a daily "To-Do" list, complete with time targets. This will help you stay on task and focused and will prevent you from wasting time trying to remember what you should be doing.

Multi-task where it's appropriate and comfortable. If you can prepare a meal while watching some TV, for example, you get two things done on your list in the time meant for one. Also, batch tasks (like shopping trips, for example) so you make one trip instead of two or more.

Try to exercise. You might think that exercising only means another hour lost, but many people find that the added energy and focus that comes from exercise makes them more efficient throughout the whole day.

Get a good night's sleep. Sleep isn't an unnecessary luxury; it's a necessity for making the most of your waking hours. A good night's sleep will help prevent errors and time-consuming "do-overs," in addition to making you generally more effective in things you do.

Use technology whenever it seems reasonable. Technologies like multi-function cell phones often help keep things organized and on schedule. Try to use whatever amount of technology you seem comfortable with without overextending your technical capability.