Five Ways to Use Consensus for Group Decision

The term “consensus” is most often heard during political campaign season or when Congress ( parliament ) is in session. Politicians are forever promising to build consensus with those on the other side of the political aisle, but there’s typically more talk than action.

Business leaders and human resource managers cannot afford to be so cavalier in their commitment to consensus. Sticking to the concept of proper consensus management can lead to happier employees and more robust bottom lines.


The Role of Social Media in Recruitment

It’s been said for some time now that a key component of any job hunt is getting the social media side of things done well. This includes making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, writing a blog and generally getting your name out there online.


How To Handle Two Careers

Rising costs, growing uncertainties in the job market and the drive to make a better life are just some f the reasons why individuals prefer to have two careers rather than one.

It has been often seen that those professionals who do not derive complete happiness and satisfaction from their primary careers look towards building a secondary career that can not only supplement their income but also offer them that creative satisfaction that they long for.


Manage in Style !!!

The days of one style fits all are gone. Today’s manager needs to vary his Style of Management to bring out the Best in each Employee.

The demands of the workforce today are not the same as they were yesterday. The corporate world is changing at the speed of light and there is no escaping the pressure to create a new profile of what a manager should be.

In the past, you could survive as a manager with one main style. This is not possible anymore. New demands from customers, employees and society drive the corporation and the manager to be different. This means that as a manager, you need to assess and evaluate what type of leader you need to be. It also requires you to be ready, willing and able to change.


Do You Want To Be Successful ?

Success can be defined in several different ways. Each individual can have a separate definition for success. However, what applies to everyone equally is the fact that in order to be successful in life, you must learn to face problem that come your way with courage, determination and a will to succeed.


Leadership Today

Leadership today has become a very multi meaning term. Professionals from various disciplines have defined ‘Leadership’ in different ways. Paradigm shifts in the cultures of organisations and the consistent parallel and horizontal development of companies have raised the need to look at leadership in a new angle.

A strong company is the one that has leaders spread all across the company, not just at the top. The business world today needs both good leaders and good managers. However, because of the rapid change occurring in the industry today, a company needs far more leaders, not more managers.


Do You Understand Your Employees ?

To be an effective and successful manager, you must understand those who work under you.
Each manager must make it a point to talk to their employees, listen to them, observe them on a regular basis and understand their strengths and weaknesses.