• Excellence Wherever We Are

    Excellence Wherever We Are

    Anoud is company which works in recruiting human resources and providing management consultant services and training.

    Anoud simply means:
    The Deer that leads the flock and refuses to be a follower.
    This is our mission, which has been reflected through our name.

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  • Job seeker

    Job seeker

    Registering www.anoudjob.com is easy and allows you to build a professionally formatted online CV.
    Apply for job opportunities with top employers.
    Receive relevant job alerts by email.

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  • Employers


    Posting Jobs on www.anoudjob.com
    Receive CVs directly from applicants.
    Review, screen, short-list applications with ease and convenience.
    Access entire database of professionals.
    Search and review CVs.
    Instant communication with selected candidates.

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  • Training


    Courses are designed according to the actual needs of each agency.
    For instance courses in personal skills such as CV writing, time management, leadership skills, effective communication skills, problem-solving skills and decision-making, personal planning skills creative thinking skills.
    Anoud Also provides vocational courses in business management.

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  • Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    Performing Job analysis and Job Descriptions intended for any vacancy.
    Determining the Key Performance Indicators for any vacancy.
    Performing Compensations and Benefits Structures.
    Performing Performance and appraisal systems.
    Performing plans and determining Training needs and development of Administrative.

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What we do?

Nowadays and in the present era that we live in, competition becomes a feature for customer confidence in the field of employment.

Consulting is one of the basics that are required to achieve this success in the process of recruitment and to maintain your permanent success in the market. That’s why we can say that we are a unique lucky fortunate organization. This is due to our entity since we was established.